A terrible flirt and an excellent drinker, to those that knew Nancy Wake personally, those she led and fought alongside with, she was a tough-as-nails, vivacious, wild, irrepressible, unconventional woman. But what saved her life was her exquisite awareness of the conventions she defied, and knowing how to fulfill them when needed.

The Nancy Project is an ensemble devised physical theater piece inspired by the life of French Resistance leader Nancy Wake during WWII. 


The Ensemble + Our Process:

Our marriage of styles -- contemporary language and theatrical physicality -- makes our story both immediate and imaginative.


By sharing Nancy's story and spirit we hope to honor all of the women of her generation who fought for our basic human rights, and who did so without the public's knowledge or appreciation. The exploration of her embracement and simultaneous subversion of feminine stereotypes feeds the fire of our own awareness of gender politics.

We also want to the share the joy of bringing to life this wild family of characters who risked their lives everyday behind enemy lines out of love for each other.

Our Mission: